Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stroopwafels Batch 13 Nov 09

My New Stocks arrived last week :)

Purchase any Combinations of 3s and get a discount of RM10 off*! (excluding Kanjers Duo Packets)
Purchase 3 rolls Originals (RM78 after discount) and save RM12!

1. Stroopwafel in a Tin. Really nice tin with Dutch Inspired images. 10 pieces of Stroopwafels in a Tin. Perfect as gifts. RM45/Tin

2. Original Stroopwafels. Gooey Caramel will appear sandwiched in between two light wafels if you gently put it over the mouth of a cup of hot beverage. 3 inch diameter rounds. RM30 / roll of 10 pcs OUT OF STOCK!

3. Jumbo sized Original Stroopwafels by a different brand. Slightly creamier taste due to higher % cream in butter used for this brand. 3.5 inch diameter rounds. RM35/roll of 10 pieces

3. Honey Stroopwafels. One of my personal favourites as this is best eaten with a hot cup of tea. I usually eat these with a steaming cup of Earl Grey Tea but I do eat these on its own too. Yummy! RM35/Roll of 10 pcs

4. Fruit Stroopwafels. Instead of caramel or honey, you'll get a jammy mixture of passionfruit and apricots in this pack of stroopwafels. This is not as sweet as the conventional stroopwafels and I can eat these on its own. However, it'd taste even better if it was warmed over a cup of hot beverage such as hot tea, coffee or milk. RM35/8 pcs in a pack. 3.5 inch diameter rounds.


5.) As each duo pack is opened, you can see and sniff its freshness. The golden brown wafel with the gooey caramel syrup oozing out slightly from within. This packet is great for tasting if you do not wish to fork out too much money and is easy to carry around. RM6 / duo pack. Introductory Price for people who want to taste stroopwafels! Original price after this batch will be RM9.50 per duo packet!

Do email me at if you are interested in purchasing any of these delectable treats.

I prefer to deal COD for better quality and trustability. Please allow 1 to 2 days in advance notice. I am in Petaling Jaya and can meet up for COD at the following places

Petaling Jaya Areas (Weekdays 6.30pm till 7pm. Other Timing to be confirmed via email)
1.) Kelana Jaya Putra LRT
2.) Taman Bahagia Putra LRT
3.) Paramount Putra LRT
4.) Asia Jaya Putra LRT
5.) Taman Jaya Putra LRT

Kuala Lumpur Areas (Timing can be confirmed via email)
1.) KLCC
2.) Nikko Hotel / Menara Citibank
3.) Sungai Wang Shopping Center
4.) Pavilion KL

Weekends (Timing can be confirmed via email)
1.) Coffee Ritual, Section 14 (location at
2.) One Utama
3.) The Curve
4.) Tropicana Mall

Courier services is also available if you are not in convenience to meet up but that will mean money must be banked in first.

Please store the stroopwafels in a cool place. If you don't plan to eat them within a week or two, please store the stroopwafels in the freezer as their shelf life is short (approx 3 months). The stroopwafels keep up to a year in the freezer. If you store in the freezer and want to eat, best way to defrost is to take out from freezer and put in your fridge for a few hours. That way, it won't turn too soggy if compare that you take out from freezer to room temperature.