Friday, January 29, 2010

Stroopwafels Batch 29 Jan 2010

Fresh stocks of stroopwafels just came in yesterday. This time I brought in smaller quantities to ensure better freshness.

1. Honey Stroopwafels - RM35.00 a roll. 10 pieces of 3.5 inches chewy rounds...great with unsweetened tea and coffee.

2. Bakkerjoop Original Stroopwafels - RM30.00 a roll. 10 pieces of 3 inches slightly more crisp rounds than the honey....great to melt over a cup of fragrant steaming hot black coffee.

Buy any 2 rolls and receive RM5 discount off them.

To date, I only have 8 rolls honey and 3 rolls originals left.

Expected next batch to come in by end Feb.

Please email me at if you wish to place an order.