Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sales Batch 11 Oct 09

I am actually selling these now.

The Original (10pcs x 3inch diameter rounds) - 1 roll at RM30.00, 3 Rolls at RM78.00 . You save RM12.

The Minis (25 pieces x 1.5inch rounds) - 1 Pkt at RM32.00, 3 Pkts at RM86.00, you save RM10.00

I am currently out of stocks for the below that sold out really fast

The Jumbo Originals (10pcs x 3.5 inch diameter rounds) at RM35 each. They were sold mainly as Combination Packages

Honey Stroopwafels (10pcs x 3.5 inches diameter rounds). 1 roll for RM35 and were mainly sold as part of combinations package

Here's what I plan to bring in next month

Fruit filled Stroopwafels (6 pieces)

Stroopwafels In A Tin (10 pieces)

Last but not least, Yummy Kanjers Stroopwafels! (8 pieces)

Stay Tune for more updates. Please email me at if you wish to purchase any Original and Mini Stroopwafels.

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