Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Yummy Dutch Stash

Today my stash of Dutch Goodies arrived via UPS (3 days instead of my usual 2 weeks wait)...all 17kgs of Yum Yum stuff~~~.....

These are StroopKroken. I think it's cookies with a Stroop (Spiced Caramel Syrup) filling in between.

These are fruit filled Stroopwafels. I wondet how it tastes like. It contains Peach, Apricot as well as Passionfruit.

My favorite type of stroopwafels...the Honey filled stroopwafels. Yummy. I haven't tasted this brand before - Albert Hejin (a popular retail brand in Netherlands).

This is so far my favourite Honey Stroopwafels by Vess Banket. They are not as sweet as the original ones and are less chewy...more "bite" to them. I can eat a whole 3.5 diameter piece and still wish for more.

These Jumbo Originals fit nicely into Coffee Ritual's cups without falling in. They contain more butter than the 1st batch (Bakkerjoop) that I brought in and tastes much richer and chewier and not too sweet either according to my Hunny.

Kanjers seem to be a popular brand when I do a google search. They are also one of the most expensive stroopwafels in online sites. These are mini Stroopwafels in a paper carton. I wonder what they taste like....

In the box are 6 individual packs of 2 mini stroopwafels each.

These are the regular sized Kanjers stroopwafels.

These minis are by Albert Hejin. Will taste and ledt you know later how they fare.

This is by Daelman's for Mini stroopwafels. It's another popular brand and they are better known for their stroopwafels in a tin.

Mini Stroopwafels by Vess Banket.

Daelman's Stroopwafels in a Tin Can. A very authentic Dutch Gift.

Dutch peanut butter is unlike our usual peanut butters here in Malaysia. Apparently, the peanut butter is more fragrant and has little sugar added to them.

These are also another Dutch traditional snack of Speculaas which are also known as spiced biscuits. Best enjoyed with tea or coffee.

Brinta is a type of Breakfast porridge. I will taste it and review it later.

Overseas coffee are roasted on its own or sugar with wood chips. Hence they are not as fragrant as our Malaysia's local coffee. The enterprising Dutch came up with a coffee flavour enhancer called Buisman Royal Aroma. Will get Hunny to try it with his coffee next weekend.

Look at my stash of Stroopwafels. Some I ordered only 1 each to taste as sample whilst others I ordered in 6s or 12s. I am selling these yummies...please do see my sales page here. You can order your stocks here or joining in as a member in that forum. Stocks are limited! Keeps well in room temperature for 2 to 3 months and up to 1 year in the freezer.

These are the ones that I'll be tasting before deciding to bring any in.

Do check out here for my selling thread. Yes! I am selling most of these goodies!

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ZEBY said...

17 kg how much does it cost for the delivery? I need to send something to my parents... I check with Tnt post it was about 100eu for 20 kilo...

BTW, Brinta is pronounced as Branti.... I dunno why, its a dutch thing.... My housemate takes it everyday and he even keeps the boxes to build Branti tower

There are two things that you miss... The Dropjes ..... Very typical dutch its a liqourice candy. I dun like it bleargh.

And Pijnenburg koek.... The texture is sort of like a fruitcake but different.... I Always see the Dutch makcik2 eat that cake while travelling

But the pinjenburg cake and the dropjes I dont think Malaysians like it... Its an aquired taste, you need to be born into the culture, then you'll appreciate it

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